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iPhone 8 will be sold from 64GB ! Read it to know more about iPhone8 ?

Pauline Climber Limited 2017.7.5 2017-07-05 23:34:19
iPhone 8 as the strongest mobile phone in 2017, thats why almost everyone were concerned about the iPhone8 when it is released, according to iPhone8 latest news, iPhone8 release time in September this year, now online exposure iPhone8 more details this year's Apple iPhone 8 will be sold from 64GB.

As the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7s Plus industry chain mature, it will be in August to September mass production, and iPhone 8 will be in October to November mass production. These three iPhone release date will be in September, but the iPhone 8 time to market is expected to postpone a little later, its shortage is expected to continue until the first half of next year.

Let's talk about the configuration, iPhone 7S series processors should be keep the same as current iPhone 7 , but 7S is equipped with 2G memory, and 7S Plus and iPhone 8 is 3GB RAM, while this year three new iPhone storage space is only 64GB And 256GB two versions, sounds quite radical, or buy a beggar version, or buy top with version.

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