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Popularize the knowledge of wireless charging.

Climber Limited Internet 2017-10-27 14:32:14
Popularize the knowledge of wireless charging

You want to know about the iPhone 8 wireless charging problem,as follow.

The iPhone 8 / X applies the Qi (Chee) wireless charging standard .And another two mainstream wireless charging standards: Power Matters Alliance (PMA), Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP).The Qi Standard was introduced by WPC, the industry-standard organization of the first wireless charging.Additionally, PMA and A4MP were merged into the new AirFuel Alliance.

Q: iPhone8 uses wireless charging frequently, will the life of battery shorten ?

A: very classic!Now lithium battery is the most common battery for mobile phone to avoid the impact of the memory effect.And the two kinds of ways of charge are "With the use of charge / shallow and shallow release" (both high and low potential) , "exhausted recharge / deep and deep release".Many domestic and foreign research institutions have shown that the battery life of the former is longer than the latter.In short,it's good for mobile phone batteries to charge for phone regularly ,also it can be a maintenance of mobile phone batteries.

Q: Is the electromagnetic radiation wireless of charging harmful to people?

A: No.Because the power is too small. If you wanna know more informations about it, you can view the PConline professional article. Frankly speaking, if you are concerned about the electromagnetic radiation caused by wireless charging, then the home with the cooker, kettle, and even around the PC host, etc., these electrical equipment can not be used, because they caused the electromagnetic radiation value is far higher than the wireless charger.

Q: Does iPhone8 wireless charge have an impact on other devices?

A: Basically not. iPhone8 wireless charging standard is Qi Standard, the frequency specifications is about 110-205kHz,Which is not the same as most wireless devices in a band, so it can not cause impact.

Even the apple, iPhone8 wireless charging function is not very well based on the current experience,or that is not suitable as the main way to charge. In turn,I think it is more appropriatethe that wireless charging can be as a supplement to the cable charging.As a moderately mobile phone users,iPhone8 poor electricity is certainly not enough for one day. So Wireless charging is as a supplement for electricity of cellphone.Develop the habit of putting the phone on the charging board to add power on the fragmented time to keep the phone in a state of high power, the life-long sense of security is not available for other charging products.

Q: Will it consume power if plug the wireless charger for a long time?

A: No. When the wireless charger is no load, that is not in charging.The vast majority of wireless charger will automatically enter the "standby" mode. And standby power of wireless charger is 100-150 MW only , even more than many Wired fast charge adapter standby power consumption even lower.