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67 new emojis to better express yourself in 2018 How many poop emojis does one really need in life

Climber Limited Internet 2017-12-01 10:02:51
Unicode Consortium thinks you need more than just one. The non-profit group which sets global standards for emojis announced Thursday a set of 67 emoji candidates for 2018 which includes,of course,a sad poopy face.

The new array of emojis for Apple,Google, Facebook and Android devices represents a wider range of items in people’s everyday life and some of our secret inner selves as well.

The submitted symbols as listed on Unicode 11 include new food options such as a bagel and a cupcake, animals who tamed the Internet with their cuteness like a raccoon and a llama, more hair options for your bad or good hair days, and new facial expressions for those moments you just don’t have a word for.

The new emojis will be voted during the next few months for the final Unicode 11 launch in June 2018.

Unicode Consortium has been working on bringing diversity to the virtual world.

Apple has taken on the group’s Unicode 10 last month and announced a list of emoji including a meditating man,a woman in hijab and a breastfeeding mother coming later this year.
Do you expect it?It will be an interesting part in wechat.