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Products Catalogue For Global Source Mobile Electronics18th April

2018-04-18 11:56:18

Products Catalogue For Watch Straps On the Global Source Mobile Electronics

The  First Parts Þ Genuine Leather Band

Classic Leather Band
● First Layer Genuine Leather   ● Dressy Classic Buckle   ● Steel Adapters

Polka Dot Leather Band
● Premium Genuine Leather    ● Standard Metal Buckle   ● Stainless Steel Adapters

Silicone Leather Case
●Soft Silicone     ●Premium Genuine Leather    ●Steel Buckle Adapters

The  Second Parts Þ Special Watch Band

Milanese Magnetic Band
● Metal Mesh Band     ● Magnetic Closure Clasp    ● 5 Colors Available
3Link Stainless Steel Band
● Quality Stainless Steel    ● Folded Steel Buckle    ● 4 Colors Available

 Nylon Band For Xiaomi
● Nylon Strap     ● Zinc Alloy case    ● 10 Colors Available

The  Third Parts Þ Stainless Steel Band

Stainless Steel Band
● Premium Stainless Steel   ● Bracelet Buckle   ● Steel Adapter With Rhinestone

8 Rhinestone Metal Band
● Premium Zinc Alloy     ● Bracelet Buckle    ● Steel Adapter With Rhinestone

7 Links Rhinestone Steel Band
● Stainless Steel With Rhinestone    ● Steel Butterfly Buckle   ● Steel Adapter With Stones

The  Fourth Parts Þ Natural Stone Jewelry Band

Handmade Agate Band
● Natural Agate Beads    ● Adapter With Rhinestone    ● Elastic Stretch Band

Handmade Crystal Band
● Handcrafted Crystal Beads    ● Metal Chian    ● Elastic Stretch Band

Vintage Crystal Copper Band
● Copper Beads With Crystal   ● Adapter With Rhinestone   ● Elastic Stretch Band

The  Fifth Parts Þ Silicone Watch Band

Double Color Silicone Band
● Double Color Soft Silicone    ● Special Buckle    ● 10 Colors Available