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SamSung Galaxy A9 Star Is Coming

2018-06-13 16:23:33

                                  SamSung Galaxy A9 Star Is Coming

     As a smart phone with 24 million pixels front and rear facing cameras, Galaxy A9 Star has AI pure beauty function, which specifically aims at the needs of the Chinese market, according to the gender and age of the characters in the photos, matching a more suitable beauty program for young consumers to provide a more pure beauty self-timer experience.

    In addition, the Galaxy A9 Star also offers studio lighting efficacy such as slim butterfly light (front light), bright eye ring light (single side lighting), soft white natural light (double sides lighting). Not only provides pictures as the studio-level quality but also provides young consumers with more ways to show themselves.

    In order to meet young consumers' curiosity about innovation and technology, Samsung Galaxy A9 Star also brought Samsung Bixby artificial intelligence platform. As a clever and considerate artificial intelligence platform on the market, Samsung Bixby has four functions: voice, visual*, homepage, and reminder, which can provide users with all-round services in combination with daily occasions. Samsung Bixby is supported to understand natural language,and is able to record the user's habits and preferences in the user's daily use, and then realize "able to listen, able to see, able to understand your heart."

     Entertainment is indispensable in the lives of young consumers. It is a happy to play games with friends or binge-watch alone. The Galaxy A9 Star is equipped with a Super AMOLED full screen* of 18.5:9, which brings greater visual field, better visual effects, and an immersive visual experience for consumers. At the same time, the Galaxy A9 Star's one-button split-screen function allows consumers to reply to information at any time while they are entertaining, which reflects the care of young consumers from the details.

     Galaxy A9 Star has two colors:White and Black, which will be released on June 15. Samsung Online Mall accept the full payment schedule for it.

* The Bixby visual function in Samsung Bixby does not support beauty makeup and real-time translation functions on the Galaxy A9 Star.
* Full screen:
By taking of the main screen entity key and other advanced technologies and processes, all around narrow border design, then achieve ultra-high screen proportion and full screen visual effects.

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