Two new patents in smart watches

Two new patents in smart watches--respectively, strap built-in battery and screen sensor

    First talking about the pain points of smart wearable devices, it is estimated that most users will shout: Battery life problems,trouble of unlock. For the two shortcomings of smart wearable devices, Samsung has already started to prepare for improvement. Today, a Samsung patent was exposed, the patent shows: Samsung applied for two new patents in smart watches, respectively, strap built-in battery and screen sensor.

      Under-screen sensor is the meaning of fingerprint of the Under-screen , and now it is the pain points of the full screen mobile phone for all full screen mobile phone, if Samsung can solve the problems of fingerprinting under the screen, it is undoubtedly to promote the development of the entire digital market.
     According to the exposure of the document shows that the screen below the sensor can sense fingerprints, rotation and other functions. In addition, the watch has a side with the sensing area which is different from the current watch , which may include distance, light, infrared, heart rate sensor, and adds a small sub-screen,but  the specific function has not yet been informed.
    Patents also exposed a technology of watch strap with built-in battery, this patent is easy to understand, simply, it means that the battery is smaller and more flexible through the pin plug connected to the watch body. Anyway, we should believe that development capabilities of Samsung's technology research, if the patented technology become mature,we believe that the next generation watches of Samsung will use these patented features.

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