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Xiaomi surpassed Samsung 2017 Q3 to be NO.1 in India mobile phone market

Climber Limited 2018-03-14 19:22:43

Xiaomi surpassed Samsung 2017 Q3 to be NO.1 in India mobile phone market for first time.
   For Smart Phone,Samsung retreated on feature phones, leaving the top spot to Reliance Jio,and Samsung did not seem to have any good news on smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2017.

   According to the latest data from Canalys—market research firm, Xiaomi become India's largest smartphone maker in the third quarter to, defeated Samsung: in terms of volume, Xiaomi sales reached 8,200, 000, exceed 900,000 for Samsung; For Market Share, Xiaomi is 27%, Samsung is 25%.
On the contrary, IDC statistics the average of market share for Xiaomi and Samsung is same,23.5%,third quarter of 2017,Although data from market research firms are often biased, there are indications that it is not impossible for millet to take over from Samsung.

   It is worthy that, as the Indian smartphone market continues to expand, Samsung's market sales are still growing, but in contrast Xiaomi progress more faster.

   Samsung compare with Xiaomi, lost in the Indian market,apparently because of cell phone grades and price,Samsung’s mobile phone is far from cost-effective Xiaomi. Samsung will fight back to the millet in the Indian market are insurmountable,
It is worth our expectations that how to respond to the impact of Xiaomi in the future.