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Barometer of Global Trade

Climber Limited 2018-03-14 18:58:01

DHL released the "barometer of global trade"
    China's shipping trade is expected to lose momentum of growth.

   January 31, 2018, the global logistics giant DHL released in Shanghai "DHL global trade barometer"
   Based on the data analysis, although the economic growth index in the world's seven largest economies is the lowest, the outlook remains optimistic.

    The first global publication of the "DHL Global Trade Barometer" will be the benchmark for future global trade development. Based on AI, big data and forecast analysis, the indicator points out that China's exports, especially consumer products, machinery parts and chemicals, Will be the main driver of the recent growth of China's trade and will drive the continuous growth of China's air cargo volume. However, the indicator also shows that China's seaborne trade is losing its momentum due to the drop in demand for industrial raw materials in China.

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