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Amazfit 2 smart watch

2018-03-06 15:26:26

Amazfit 2 smart watch evaluation:Say good bye to battery charging
      Amazfit from the sale unknowingly has passed for a year and a half before, with the original ultra-high cost performance and stunning appearance of a war reputation,now it is still the number one smart bracelet in the field of smart watch,Finally this series has been upgraded, released Amazfit 2 generation. Small ytterbium earlier expressed in the article concerns the practicality of the smart watch, but also do not know it is fresh or had not worn the habit of watches, the basic is to play aside for a while thrown aside, only worn when running , Then the Hua Amazfit 2 can break this spell, what surprise will be? Lets have a look.

     Amazfit 2 packaging is a perfect heritage of the old club's heritage, the front logo, negative parameters, white box can no longer be simple. However, the closure of the box is really a bit tight, it can only be a little bit of the hand down, it is no exaggeration can be said that encountered the most difficult to open the box, open the box is the protagonist of today, the moment the visual impact is quite Ting Strong, box "Move Beautifully" hot silver word is very strong.

    Amazfit 2 mirrored with a printed film, although the small ytterbium is "love to tear film" people, but if the watch comes out to be able to attach a film that is very practical. Remove the watch, the box has a charger and a guide.