Beijing 8 minutes

  • Author:Climber Limited
  • Release on:2018-03-02

                                                                Beijing 8 minutes

2022, Meeting in Beijing

Beijing 8 minutes sends an invitation to the world. In this short span of eight minutes, China is showing the world high technology, development, culture and humanity.

Pyeongchang Olympic torch burning for 17 days gradually extinguished the torch, 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics ended.

At the closing ceremony, the International Olympic Committee Chairman Bach handed over the Five-ring Banner to Beijing Mayor Chen Jining. Winter Olympics, officially entered the Beijing time!

8 minutes behind "how many" Made in China ","Weight Loss" the world's largest panda puppet,A new generation of intelligent robot dancing,Delicate to micron, ice-like "ice screen,The actors put on the smart fever clothes~This wonderful "Beijing 8 minutes" behind the addition of cool high-tech, but also condenses the actor and staff night and day to pay.

As for a Chinese,"Beijing's eight-minute cultural show is a great show. This performance like a science-fiction movie is a microcosm of contemporary China, so that everyone can understand China to a certain degree. Simple but high-tech, let's look forward to China's Beijing Olympic Winter Games. "