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Back from Chinese New Years Holiday

Climber Limited 2018-02-28 16:14:24

Back from Chinese New Years Holiday

   In the Spring Festival, I believe many foreign traders have enjoyed the fun during the Spring Festival holidays, visiting relatives and friends, visiting relatives and friends, meeting with their classmates, and so on.
        Now that the holidays are over, we have to start normal work again.Hope the suggestion let you quickly into working condition, so that "New Goods Festival" to play a better effect.

      First, adjust the mentality, return to the status
Mental adjustment is the most important, do not indulge in the period before the leave, as soon as possible to recuperate, early return to the status quo adjustment, good attitude is the beginning of a good job.

    Second, control the diet, nutritionally balanced,It is best to do some light diet.

     Third, regulate sleep, rest rules.To try to get up early and get up early, adjust your daily routine, if conditions permit, you can appropriate lunch break.

        Fourth, moderate exercise, enhance physical fitness.You can work your favorite sports after work, such as jogging, swimming, dancing, badminton and so on, so that the tired body to take a positive rest and more energetic post-holiday work

      Fifth, make planning, step by step.To learn to arrange, step by step arrangements can make you work more efficiently, to distinguish between the work of the primary and secondary priorities to determine the importance and urgency, the distinction between priorities and improve work efficiency

     Six, find some fun, relax the body.Listen to music, chat, relax your body, learn to find some fun in it, whether it is a small game to sneak in, or a hand made small objects, such as goldfish turtles, species of succulents, etc., are very Good choice.

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