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Watch Clasp

Climber Limited 2018-02-26 14:47:48

                                                        Watch Clasp
  Do u want to have different emotions in the life? the answer will be yes.And the watch band as the same.And it can bring you various mood.So the watch band is the good choice as the decoration .Also,Watch strap and clasp is closely related.Now let's go into the clasp.
  The buckle is the device in the middle part of the watch strap.More of them are made of stainless steel or titanium.
  The buckle is composed of buckle-surface and chassis.The end of the buckle-surface and chassis are connected with the strap respectively.The buckle-surface is a groove, the bottom of it has a circular buttonhole locked with the screw on the chassis.The chassis consists of bottom, long arm and short arm.One end of the long arm and short arm is connected to the bottom, the other end of the long arm is connected with the strap, and the other end of the short arm is connected with the buckle-surface.

  Strong fastening, Not easily deformed, Strong integrity, Elegant appearance and Easy to repair.
Type of Clasp
  Popular clasp on the market currently:Bracelet Clasp,Buckle,Leather Deployment Buckle,Hidden Clasp,Folding Clasp with Safety,Hook Buckle,Push-Button Hidden Clasp.